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Ep#21 - Dino Burbidge

How and why to learn everything

Dino Burbidge is the Head of #Innovation at SKY... among many other things.

Our conversation explores Dino's path to where (and who) he is, starting as a child who simply had to learn everything and never specialise, to being prepared for armageddon, to how (and why) children today should do the same to pay big dividends in adulthood.

Chosen quotes:

"If you are the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room" -- Unknown


"Yes" --Jim Carrey

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Dino's practical bucket list (not complete)

  • Ride bicycle

  • Drive car

  • Swim

  • Scuba dive

  • Ski

  • Ride horse

  • Make alcohol

  • Bake bread

  • Milk cow

  • Sky dive

  • Break a bone

  • Fall in love

  • Get a piercing

  • Get a tattoo

  • Run a marathon

  • Appeared on TV

  • Skinned an animal

  • Done drugs

  • Swim naked

  • Make fire

  • Climb a mountain

  • Slept under stars

  • Been to a gig

  • Visited a foreign country

  • Shot a gun

  • Been at a birth

  • Being at someone’s last moment

  • Catch a fish

  • See the Queen (meet for bonus points)

  • Seen a dead person

  • Row a boat

  • Get arrested

  • Win an award your parents have heard of

  • See the Aurora Borealis

  • Travel at 100 mph

  • Be at the top of the tallest building in the world

  • Swim with dolphins

  • Have a barman say “the usual”

  • Own Bitcoin

  • Reverse a trailer

  • Gamble £1000 on red

  • Throw a grenade



Excerpts from the full episode:

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