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We aim to help you help your kids learn


We all learn best when we’re being entertained. When our minds are relaxed and open to ideas. SparkHub lets curiosity lead, with intuitive and accessible content.

We all know that feeling when we’ve disappeared down a YouTube rabbit hole and watched ever-weirder cat videos. Wouldn’t it be great if it could be so easy to fall into the world of learning?

The old ways are exactly that: the old ways. Sitting in rows in a classroom looking a board was fine when we had no other options. But now there are more entertaining ways to spark a love of learning. And if the world wasn’t already heading this way, the global pandemic has accelerated this trend.

So seize the moment. Dive in. Join the world of SparkHub and discover how much fun learning can be when the emphasis is on entertainment.


It takes a village to raise a child (even if the village is global)


If you have children in your life, SparkHub is powered by people in your shoes.

At the moment the founders’ identities will remain anonymous until we’re ready to reveal who we are. (Nothing sinister, we just have busy careers and lives, and this is a side hustle.)

It must be said that a lot of talented people have come forward to make SparkHub possible. Here’s a glimpse behind the scenes:

WATCH: The making of our brand and animations and 
Xiaotian Shi creates the SparkHub sound


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