“Stay Curious” Maddie Moate is my son’s hero, and he got to meet her! In this episode, we ask Maddie about her career path into “edu-tainment”, what life as an “edu-tuber” is like, and what she thinks the present, and future, of creative learning will be. No pressure, then.

Maddie came into our world via an iPad in the bath. In the ever raging debate over “How much screen time is too much screen time for children?” our four year old son Milo is obsessed with the CBBC series “Do You Know?”, hosted by Maddie. For us quality of content trumps legnth of screen time, and Do You Know? is quality that our son can watch as long as he likes.

So you can imagine Milo’s delight when Maddie said she would meet up for a chat, and he could tag along.

More about Maddie

Maddie Moate is a YouTuber and Television Presenter. One of the few female “Edu-tubers” in the UK, Maddie has been hosting educational online content for the past five years and has amassed over 18 million views on her YouTube films across multiple science and technology channels.

Maddie uses her own YouTube channel to inspire her audience to “Stay Curious!”. She has a unique style of vlogging educational content which takes her viewers on adventures of discovery. Maddie’s channel is a hub of curious content, packed with films on beekeeping, British wildlife, amazing places and so much more.

How to find more Maddie:

YouTube channel: www.youtube.com/maddiemoate
Twitter: www.twitter.com/MaddieMoate / @MaddieMoate
Instagram: www.instagram.com/MaddieMoate
Facebook: www.facebook.com/MaddieMoatePresenter
Website: www.maddiemoate.com

Boy meets hero






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