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Ep#20 - Brad Wendes

How to achieve anything you put your mind to!

Brad Wendes is the founder of Team Kinetix - professional #parkour, #freerunning and #acrobatics teams.

Our conversation explores Brad's tough start in life, develops into a story of wild travel and #adventure, with many twists and turns, and lands back where he started: teaching kids that they can achieve anything they put their mind to.

Chosen quote: "If you bring positive change to the life of just one child in your lifetime, you potentially change the lives of hundreds more. One day, they may be head of a dynasty of their own, they may have the affect on the lives of many others while they’re getting there. And if you set them on the road with a confident and positive attitude, they lift people up. If you let them go through life damaged, well everyone knows about Columbine and Dunblaine.” - Graham Wendes, from his book When the Laughter Fades

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Training videos (YouTube playlist)

How to use TeamUp for the Kinetix Academy (YouTube playlist)

Kinetix Challenges - Home Exercises (YouTube playlist)

Brad on Parkour

Britains Got Talent 2007

Ninja Warrior UK 2017

World Record 2015

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