Thank youThank You are two of the early words we teach our children (after mama of course!). They are two very simple yet powerful words, which we don’t use enough. 

At this time of the year, we are just getting our routines back to normal after spending the holidays with friends and family, and we all have a lot to be thankful for. So, what better way to show our appreciation and share the message of gratitude than to engage with our children to make Thank You cards and gifts to share.

Today we can fire-off a quick email or, quicker still, a simple text with a few emojis is enough to show appreciation. But what about something creative, something homemade? Adults and kids can join in this together and, as you sit around the table creating your notes, poems or artwork, you can discuss the importance of these two simple words.

I’m sure your children received lots of gifts over the holidays, and how lovely would it be for them to write a little note, or create a gift of thanks to send. But what about just thanking each other, perhaps take this time to show your appreciation for each other through creativity. It will give you a good opportunity to give important recognition to your kids, which perhaps you may not always find the time and words for. And let’s face it, as parents and caregivers, the power of hearing a little gratitude from our children is always welcome!

We have put together some creative ideas for you, plus links to a few articles that will help spark the discussion with your family. Check out our guide below to saying Thank You in 20 languages!

4 Creative Ways to say “Thank You”!

 1. Show your appreciation through art

Most thank-you-card-watercolor-greeting-card-linda-woodskids love to paint. On this occasion, encourage them to create a painting for a specific person they would like to thank. Get them to think of colours this person would like or subjects that they’d enjoy. Painting with a purpose makes it even more special. Here are some ideas on how to add wording to your painting too. 


2. Create a thank you card

Sending and receiving cards is such a treat these days. It’s considered even old fashioned for some age groups, but let’s get our children back in touch with how lovely it is to send a message of thanks by post! Using their hand prints, paintings or collages, cut out and create a unique card for friends  Use stamps for the words and get creative with the materials you use. Here are some great ideas, we particularly love the accordion card design!

thank-you-note1Get the paints out for the little ones and help them with the wording by using templates or printed letters, like this colourful rainbow thank you card, by



thank u22

Get creative with some wax crayons and watercolours to create a pretty card, like this one from 




Why not make an accordion style card? such a sweet surprise to open! Take a look at this simple guide and video for more instructions.


3. Write a poem to show your appreciation

Playing with words and making up rhymes is fun for kids and poetry is a great way to get their imaginations fired. Give them a few prompts, read some of your favourite poems and discuss words to use, such as gratitude and appreciation. Why not add in some other languages too (see our How to say Thank You in 20 languages guide below)…

Here’s some good advice on how to write poetry by

4. Write & perform a song to says thanks!

Building on the poetry theme, why not collaborate and write a song! The end result could be you all performing it together and sending your loved one a unique Thank You music video! Take a look at this great article for a step by step guide to writing songs with your kids by CBC Canada. You already have the topic and purpose, now you need a melody, the chorus and verses! Go for it! Check our Will Music for some fun inspiration too. Writing lyrics is not just great fun, it is very rewarding for the kids too. I love this Blog Post by Grammy Award winning writer, Bill Harley, about a writing songs with a group of school kids. If you have the time, take a look! 

thank you quote


How to say Thank you in 20 languages

Albanian Faleminderit
Chinese Do jeh, daw-dyeh
Croatian Hvala ti
Danish Tak
Dutch Dank u
English Thank you
Finnish Kiitos
French Merci
German Danke sehr
Greek Efharisto
Hawaiian Mahalo
Hebrew Toda
Hungarian Köszönöm
Icelandic Takk
Italian Grazie
Japanese Arigato
Russian Spasiba (spah-see’-boh)
Spanish Gracias
Swedish Tack
Thai Khop Khun Mak Kha


Further reading (and viewing) for parents & caregivers:

Ted Talk – Remember to Say thank you by Laura Trice

Read The Importance of Gratitude by Every Day Health.

Read Why Your Kids Don’t Thank You For Gifts (and how to help them develop some gratitude)by


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