Are you a brand, content producer, writer, expert, academic, scientist, artist, blogger / vlogger or similar? Got something that you think will give our growing community a leg up when it comes to creativity and creative learning? Then we have much to discuss.

We are seeking written, photographic and video contributions. Here’s what we’re looking for, how to collaborate with us and what’s in it for you:

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We are a growing community focused on creativity and creative learning

As you can see by clicking around this site and our social presences, we broadcast inspirational written and visual content across a lot of channels.

On those channels is our audience; primarily parents, teachers, relatives and caregivers of children aged 3-12 years old, globally. This large audience uses technology in a pivotal way; They seek emotional learning experiences – not route learning.

They are driven by innate instincts to give the children in their lives the best opportunities in life. As noted by TechCrunch “EdTech is the next Fintech” — a category poised to be the biggest and possibly most profitable digitalised sector yet.

At the same time, kids just want to have fun and avoid FOMO*.
(*Fear Of Missing Out)

The key in all this is to find inspiring ways for kids to be as addicted to learning as they are to gaming!

We need the best content to keep growing

SparkHub founder Allan Wills continually creates episodic video content – always with the underlying goals of discovery, collaboration and continually producing more episodic content to fulfill our mission.

We also have a SparkHub magazine section and are quite active on social channels.

What we can offer you

At this stage SparkHub does not have budget to commission content (but we’re hoping to get there one day.)

However life is not all about money, and we do have some value to exchange if we work together.

1) Exposure to our growing audience

Your content will get seen across all our channels, and we’re not shy to say that our channels look very good and are attracting more people everyday. For those who want profile, we can create one for you on SparkHub so you get recognition for your work – and your work nicely organised on this site.

2) High-production value

One thing we have in spades is great production skills; notably in video, image and design areas. We can can really make you, and your content, shine.

3) Potential to grow bigger, together

We’re less about one-off relationships and more about growing together. SparkHub is a creative learning village, and we mean it. So if your content performs well, there’s scope to keep doing more together and keep growing together.

We can’t wait to hear from you: