Get off the iPad. There is more to technology.

Technology is advancing so fast we can't keep up. But adding it to a child's education doesn't have to mean shattered iPads and sticky TV screens. We're sourcing the best new stuff to stimulate young minds and to help make using technology fun and beneficial in a brand new digital age.

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KANO: Developing the skills of the future

As parents and caregivers we are constantly looking for creative alternatives to encourage our kids away from the computer, but now UK company Kano has come up with a computer kit that, quite frankly,...

Magnetic attraction: How Magformers encourage safe, creative play

Choosing the right toy can be incredibly hard. You want something appropriate for your child’s age, that will continue to stimulate them and provide some kind of educational value and Magformers certainly offer that. Magformers...

7 iOS apps for kids that will help them learn something new

This cool list from Business Insider is one to note. Get downloading and get this good stuff into your children's brains. Apple introduced a kid's section to the App Store years ago, but it can...

5 Apps to Help Kids with Autism

Did you know April is National Autism Awareness Month? We like this useful article published this week by Diane M. McCullom. Take a look and tell us what you think. In 2014, the Centers for...
Raspberry pi

Build your own computer: Introducing the Raspberry Pi

Teaching children how to build their own tech is a powerful lesson. Here's a look at the Raspberry Pi.
Will smart toys make parents lazy?

Will smart toys make parents lazy?

Pitched as the next must-have developmental tools, critics worry about hi-tech Barbie dolls and bears eroding parent-child interaction. Mark Harris writes for the Guardian... "The digital revolution means that modern toy shops contain more computing...
13 activities involving off-screen technology for kids

13 activities involving off-screen technology for kids

The earlier we expose our kids to technology and teach them the safe ways to use it, the better. It will definitely save a lot of broken gadgets. Here are 13 activities to help with the ins and outs...
9 best educational websites for kids (that are actually fun, too!)

9 best educational websites for kids (that are actually fun, too!)

Whether your little one is eager for knowledge or needing a bit of help with homework, these safe and fun sites are a perfect go-to for all things learning. 1. BrainPOP/BrainPOP Jr Geared to helping kids...
5 Upcoming Technologies that will change the World

5 Upcoming Technologies that will change the World

Technology is changing so fast that it's hard to keep up, but the future is going to be even more amazing. Here are 5 upcoming technologies to get the conversation started with your kids....
6 of the most awesome robots in the world

6 of the most awesome robots in the world

Robots are by far one of the coolest things on earth today. Here are 6 of the best that you could get Googling with your kids, to get them interested in and inspired by...

Ep023: A reading with...

Avril McDonald, founder of Feel Brave, read one of her stories for us: The Wolf Is Not Invited. There's...

Ep021 – Interview with Mogg Hercules, creative learning school founder

This is a video interview with Dallington School founder, proprietor and headteach Mogg Hercules. The school was setup in 1978 because Mogg believed so strongly (as we do at SparkHub) in the power of...

Ep 020 – Talking creativity with KANO

We catch up with Oliver Beach at KANO to talk about how this innovative company is making a difference with its creative computing solutions. "Our focus is to make sure kids are creating and not...

OPINION: Is AI the future of education?

Surely not. That was my first impression, until recently. I mean, think about it for a while. I know computers are taking over jobs,...

Offer: Get 10% off Kano computer Kits!

  We are proud to announce that we have teamed up with Kano Computers to offer all SparkHub fans a special discount! Just in time for...

Infographic: why kids should science more

Along with language and maths, science is an extremely important subject that is central to most school curriculums around the world. As well as...

Science: Inspiring Curious Minds

When Dr Wendy Hamilton's children were young, she noticed a lack of good quality, educational science kits and games for children. Not satisfied with...

Technology for Children

If you’ve ever seen a 4-year-old playing with an iPad, you’re probably aware that our children know more about technology than we do these days, but like it or not, technology for kids and adults alike is here to stay.

If you don't know where to start with introducing technology to your home (and you're sick of broken iPhones) we hope you'll find a safe place here with us!

We've got the tools you'll need to make the implementation of new gadgets and devices interesting and beneficial, in a way that feeds and expands their minds, as opposed to just keeping them quiet so you can cook the dinner in peace. (Of course, we hope we can also help you cook the dinner in peace. We feel your pain, really).

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