Fun Facts for Kids (and parents too!)

"Why?" "How?" "Why?" "When?" "Why?" As parents, we answer these questions more times than we can count, but there's still nothing better than coming up with a satisfying answer. If you know something cool about how the world works, you're a superhero, so strap on your cape and get on your way with these fun facts.

Fun Facts
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Diwali, the Indian festival of light, will be celebrated on October 30 this year. During this five day festival,...
Travelling with kids

8 Worst Things About Travelling With Kids

As seasoned (read frazzled) travellers, when we first read this headline, we thought ‘wait, only 8?!’ Turns out it’s a really great eight. Better still, each potential problem comes with sensible suggestions/solutions to make...
Road trip kids

Creative tips for long road trips with kids

It's nearly summer, and that means road trips. So if you're planning a long drive, here are some creative ideas to keep kids busy and parents sane. Practical ideas from our friend Lesley If you don't...
Ten cool Facts about Ancient Egypt

Ten cool Facts about Ancient Egypt

Join us as we head 5,000 years back in time to discover ten fascinating facts about the Ancient Egyptians... Most Ancient Egyptian pyramids were built as tombs for pharaohs (rulers of Ancient Egypt) and their...
Formal informal featured

Formal vs informal education – what’s the difference?

How we're looking at the sweet spot for learning: formally and informally.
Feel Brave featured

Run a business along with your family: An interview with author Avril McDonald

Feel Brave - Interview with a full-time mother and entrepreneur who seeks to turn nightmares into positive stories.
Fun facts about India

Fun facts about India

India is an incredible country with yummy food and lovely scenery and people. If your kids are keen to know more about places to visit, start with India and these cool India facts. OFFICIAL NAME:...
Fun facts for kids about venomous snakes

Fun facts for kids about venomous snakes

Snakes are terrifying, but they're totally amazing, too. When kids hear about snakes they usually want to know more, so before you head down to the zoo and let them press their fingers to...
Fun facts for kids about sharks

Fun facts for kids about sharks

It might be too soon to put them down in front of Jaws, but sharks will always be fascinating. Here are some fun facts you can share about this monsters of the deep that...
bilbliotherapy featured

Bibliotherapy: How ‘prescribed’ books can cure stress

A look at Bibliotherapy; using books instead of prescriptions and shrinks. (An interview with Ella Berthoud, bibliotherapist.)

How puns can inspire creativity in kids

Puns can be like Marmite; you can hate them or love them. But they can also be an amazing creative language tool.

Ep023: A reading with...

Avril McDonald, founder of Feel Brave, read one of her stories for us: The Wolf Is Not Invited. There's...

Ep021 – Interview with Mogg Hercules, creative learning school founder

This is a video interview with Dallington School founder, proprietor and headteach Mogg Hercules. The school was setup in 1978 because Mogg believed so strongly (as we do at SparkHub) in the power of...

Ep 020 – Talking creativity with KANO

We catch up with Oliver Beach at KANO to talk about how this innovative company is making a difference with its creative computing solutions. "Our focus is to make sure kids are creating and not...

Fun Facts: Diwali

Diwali, the Indian festival of light, will be celebrated on October 30 this year. During this five day festival, friends and families gather to...

Weekend Challenge: Firework Art

Remember, remember the 5th of November! For anyone living in the UK, this little rhyme will be ringing in your ears at this time...

BOOK REVIEW: i-SPY On a Car Journey

I have the perfect activity for the next rainy Sunday! Jump in your car and head out for a ride around your neighbourhood. I know...


In a time when our children are (thankfully) encouraged more than ever to engage in STEM learning, what greater inspiration is there than introducing...

Fun Facts for Children

It's impossible for most people to lick their own elbow (admit it, you're trying right now). It's also impossible for a crocodile to stick its tongue out. Just as impossible in fact, as it is to get the kids to sit down and eat dinner at times.

On these pages we’re packing in as many fun facts for kids, and about kids as possible, and we fully understand if you want to check in regularly, too.

Bring them to the table with the beetroot and their brains will be so engaged they'll forget they're eating vegetables. You'll be super mum, or dad, with the knowledge of the world at your fingertips. So for funny facts, amazing facts and downright weird facts (like the fact that an ostrich’s eye is bigger than its brain) you know where to come! We can't help get the beetroot stains off your blouse though, sorry.

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