Get arty. Get crafty.

Spillages, cornflakes strewn about the kitchen, bits of shredded paper down the sofa cracks. As we all know, kids have the most fun when they're making a mess. Luckily, that mess doesn't have to be for nothing. Arts and crafts for kids can be educational too (honestly). We hope this lot will help.

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  Love is in the air! What is more beautiful that receiving a homemade gift or card? And at this...

Weekend Challenge: Firework Art

Remember, remember the 5th of November! For anyone living in the UK, this little rhyme will be ringing in your ears at this time of the year, as we gear up for the biggest fireworks...

Weekend Challenge: Halloween Fun

The nights are getting dark, the moon is getting bright and the witches are busy with their potions... but why wait until the end of the month to have some Halloween fun?  It is a...

Seeing is believing: The magic marble machine that creates spectacular music

It is easy to see why some people are calling this guy the next Leonardo De Vinci! His incredible magic marble machine creates fascinating music using 2000 marbles, some rice and Lego tecnics nails....

How To Host Your Own Olympic Games

The countdown to Rio 2016 is in the final stages, with the Opening Ceremony just a few days away. The Games represent a great creative learning opportunity for kids – and, of course, an...

17 Ways Kids Can Have A Blast Without Fireworks On The Fourth

Happy 4th July! Here are some safe ways to celebrate the holiday with your little ones. This article was written by Krista Torres. Original article here: https://www.buzzfeed.com/kristatorres/17-ways-kids-can-have-fun-without-fireworks-this-fourth-of-j 1. Cotton Candy on a Glow Stick amazon.com Your kids will forget all...
Activities featured

33 activities under $10 (£6) that will keep your kids busy all summer

33 Activities Under $10 (£6) That Will Keep Your Kids Busy All Summer.

The woman who loves mirrors so much, she made a house from them

For one creative individual, mirrors have become more than just a reflective device.
Geometric masks

The DIY geometric paper masks that you can print out at home

Geometric paper masks: an inexpensive, creative and customizable solution to “What should I be for Halloween?”

Old and new trick photography for creative family photos

Sometimes photographers need to cheat to get the photo they want. Want to know how I used an old school film trick with a touch of digital to get this shot?

How to keep your child’s identity private on Facebook, using shadows

Want to have privacy for your child on Facebook but still let the world see them grow? The trick is all in the shadows.

Ep023: A reading with...

Avril McDonald, founder of Feel Brave, read one of her stories for us: The Wolf Is Not Invited. There's...

Ep021 – Interview with Mogg Hercules, creative learning school founder

This is a video interview with Dallington School founder, proprietor and headteach Mogg Hercules. The school was setup in 1978 because Mogg believed so strongly (as we do at SparkHub) in the power of...

Ep 020 – Talking creativity with KANO

We catch up with Oliver Beach at KANO to talk about how this innovative company is making a difference with its creative computing solutions. "Our focus is to make sure kids are creating and not...

3 fun things to make for Valentine’s

  Love is in the air! What is more beautiful that receiving a homemade gift or card? And at this time of the year, as...

Weekend Challenge: Christmas crafts

As the big day approaches, there are so many things to organise and prepare before family and friends get together to celebrate Christmas. We have...

Weekend Challenge: Homemade Candles

Inspired by a recent visit to my son’s school, where I helped to recycle candles and make gifts for the school’s Christmas market, our...

Volunteering: Helping out in class

Have you ever thought about getting involved in your children's school and volunteering your time to help in their classroom? When I was a kid, my...

Arts & Crafts for Children

Letting them use their hands is a surefire way to win their hearts. Here's where to head for a whole new world of mess-making fun that will stop the words 'I'm bored' from ever being uttered in your house again!

There are lots of creative activities you can get stuck into together, meaning arts and crafts for kids is just as fun for you as it is for them. We've got ideas for trick family photography, articles on artists doing crazy stuff with paper that you can copy, and make-it-yourself card-based learning games to expand those amazing minds.

Let us know how these arty, crafty articles inspire you to get out there and create... and we apologise in advance for any glitter that won't vacuum off the sofa.

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