Welcome to a world of inspiration

SparkHub is a community that encourages and supports creative learning for kids. Getting our children interested and involved in activities outside the classroom is a great way to help creative sparks fly. But we realise that parents are always busy. And we know it helps to be around like-minded people who think the same way, and are happy to share what works.

We are where sparks fly

SparkHub is an inspiration station - and a fast solution to boredom. We want to help our kids - and your kids - to grow, learn and discover great things. They say it takes a village to raise a child. So welcome to our village!

Join our community

Join us for heaps of awesome ideas that make the most of your time together. Learn what works from other busy parents and carers. And share what's worked for you.


Our Timeline

So what now?

SparkHub is growing like an overfed baby and we're adding new tools, content and team members based on what we learn from our audience. Our next big milestone will be revealed to investors when the time is right.

SparkHub Alpha phase launches...

This video tells the story, and includes bonus material (our back story)

The SparkHub brand is born...

Using our Kickstarter funding, we bring the new name "SparkHub" to life.

Verve Academy is no more

A new name is needed, and Verve Academy becomes SparkHub, thanks to a cool crowd-sourced competition.

We go on Kickstarter to get help...

Growing bigger by the day, The Verve Academy Prototype idea takes off. Kickstarter gets 84 backers involved.

See the Kickstarter project and timeline >>

A second child arrives...

Second child arrives

A second child arrives for Claire and Allan - cue more sleepless nights and even more incentive to build an inspiration station for busy parents.


The Verve Life becomes The Verve Academy and throughout the year, other parents jump on board.

Visit Verve Academy site >>

The Verve Life is launched...


There doesn’t seem to be a place for answers on how to inspire kids, and that TED talk by Ken is still playing on Allan’s mind. He launches a blog/online magazine called The Verve Life (later the Verve Academy) for full-time parents.

Visit The Verve Life site >>

New baby Milo arrives...

...launching Allan and Claire into the world of parenthood.
First child arrives

Are You My Wife?

AreYouMyWife logo

Allan launches an online quest to meet his soulmate, called Are You My Wife? He winds up visiting 13 countries and going on 53 dates before meeting the woman he will eventually marry - the lovely Claire.


Inspiration strikes...

Allan sees Sir Ken Robinson’s record-breaking TED talk, ‘Inspiration: Does education kill creativity?’ and it gets him thinking...