No doubt all among us while growing up have fantasized about racing macho, huge remote-controlled cars that give us the thrill of our childhoods and adrenaline rushes. All our desires of controlling a car, rustic and hi tech in appeal, whooshing through the corridors in unimaginably high speeds, and on rough terrains without its tires popping out or getting slushed had been most often been looked down upon by elders because it not being productive.

Photo by Philippe Put, CC BY 2.0

1. Helps Build Hand Eye Coordination

In 2014, University of Toronto conducted a study that testified that video gamers and players who use radio controlled cars actually had a quicker learning rate. And it has also been proven by more recent tests too that playing radio-controlled cars actually improves hand eye coordination of growing kids and helps them make real time decisions very quickly as compared to non-players. What better reason to gift your kid a fun way to build up his hand eye coordination than a thrilling radio-controlled car!

2. Enables the Child to Socialize and Develop Friends

When the kid is gifted a radio-controlled drift car, he learns in a day or two, that his toy will be best enjoyed with more people. Hence, he stays on the lookout for new friends to play races. These things develop social skills in your kid that enable him to socialize more easily with people from all walks of life. This will be an important lesson that will stay with him for lifelong and help him move forward in his life.

3. Teaches Sportsmanship and How to Not Be a Sore Loser

When your kid plays along with others, he will learn more about the importance of team sportsmanship. Playing car racing with others will teach him how to accept both his wins and losses gracefully. When he plays more than one game of radio controlled cars per week with his friends he will know how to deal with little losses the right ways without throwing around tantrums.

4. The Kid Learns to Be Responsible

When you gift your kid a radio-controlled car, it’s usually supposed to be a onetime investment that when properly taken care of, can remain in a good condition for about 4 to 5 years. Your kid will learn to be more responsible for his toys, once he understands its importance and therefore gifting him a radio-controlled car is just one of the few ways in which you can teach him to be more organise3d and responsible about his things.

5. Radio Controlled Cars Will Push Your Kid Out of The Boundaries of Your House

If you are tired of your kid’s computer or television addiction then giving him a radio-controlled car is an amazing option. He will have something fun and amusing to distract himself with. This will help him be more active in outdoor games and therefore he will enjoy his childhood in its true sense.

6. Helps Build the Child’s Fine Motor Skills

Since maneuvering the radio-controlled car making it scale through obstacles and emerge a victor, requires fine motor skills, owning one will help your kid to develop his motor skills to control and comprehend the controls since a very young age. This will prove very beneficial in the later stages.

7. Promotes Family Bonding Time

If there is more than one person at your home that loves radio controlled cars and stuff like that, buying one or more will prove to be a great way to engage weekend afternoons and grow closer together. The family can play and have fun with each other while beating one another at the game.

8. Will Teach the Kid Elementary Computer electronics

Even in assembled RC cars, kids will have to study the way to discharge, attach, charge and detach Ni-MH batteries. They will help him acquire the fundamentals of electronic controllers, and how the transmitter and the receiver participate into the RC arrangement. Speed regulators and receivers periodically fail or malfunction, and the ones handling them will study to restore and substitute them.

9. Keeps Honing Your Mechanical Skills and Pushes You to Achieve Up Models

There are different levels of RC cars – Model I, II and III, the last one being the toughest. With eventual playing, winning, and losing the kid will upscale these levels and evolve as a modeler.

10. Builds the Fun, Thrill Loving Quotient of The Kid

The kid who has once been exposed to RC cars, will know what thrill tastes like and will be away from the clutches of boredom for a long time. Looking after and building a good RC car, will save his childhood from being dreary and monotonous.

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Emily knows what investments to make virtually for her growing up kids. She is an avid researcher and lover of radio controlled vehicles including cars, helicopters, ships, etc. Check out this website where she contributes regularly to read more of her writings.

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